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Driving Innovation in Midlands Healthcare

April 25, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm



9.00 – 9.20 Registration Refreshments and Poster Exhibition.

9.20 – 10.10 Event Welcome and Introduction to the Institute of Precision Health/Clinical Translation of Respiratory Research.

Professor Chris Brightling, Co-Director University of Leicester Institute for Precision Health, Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician, Respiratory Theme Lead for Leicester NIHR Biomedical Research Centre (Respiratory).

10.10 – 10.30 Developing the Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Diagnostics.

Professor Jacqui Shaw, Co-Director University of Leicester Institute for Precision Health, Head of Department Genetics and Genome Biology (Genetics).

10.30 – 10.50 Clinical evaluation and enhancing uptake of MedTech to improve outcomes in diabetes.

Professor Pratik Choudhary, Honorary consultant in Diabetes, Leicester Diabetes Centre. Chair of Diabetes Technology Network UK.

10.50 – 11.20 Refreshments and Networking Break.

Pre-book your 10-minute slot with one of our speakers.

 11.20 – 11.40 Introduction to the PROTAC pipeline.

Dr James Hodgkinson, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, School of Chemistry.

11.40 – 12.00 Developing Novel Biomarkers for Disease Detection.

Professor Don Jones, Co-Director University of Leicester Institute for Precision Health, Director of van Geest MultiOMICS facility and Dr Jim Langridge, Waters (Biomarkers).

 12.00 – 1.40 Lunch and Networking Break.

Pre-book your 10-minute slot with one of our speakers.

 1.40 – 2.00 Catalent Industry Talk – Can We Get Better at Navigating Challenges in the Early Drug Development of Oral Small Molecules?

Stephen Tindal, Director of Science and Technology, Catalent

 2.00 – 2.30 Industry collaborations advancing novel cardiac risk prediction tools to the clinic.

Professor Andre Ng, Head of Department, Cardiovascular Sciences, Professor of Cardiac Electrophysiology, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist.

2.30 – 2.50 Making Industry:University collaborations work

Dr Lucy Alexander, Head of Business Development, Charnwood Campus.

Dr Tim Hammonds, Royal Society Entrepreneur in residence, Honorary Visiting Fellow

2.50 – 3.00 – Professor Don Jones. Session close and collaborative opportunities.

 3.00 – 3.30 Networking and speaker booking slots.

 Speaker Biographies

Professor Chris Brightling

Professor Chris Brightling’s research focusses on improving the clinical management and understanding the mechanisms of airway diseases such as asthma, chronic coughs and COPD. He has published over 450 peer reviewed articles. Prof Brightling is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, National Institute for Health Research Senior Investigator, Respiratory Theme Lead for Leicester NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, Director Institute for Lung Health, and Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician. He is Coordinator of the MRC Molecular Pathology Node EMBER and Respiratory lead for the IMI 3TR and was founding Director of the European Respiratory Society Clinical Research Collaborations.

Prof Brightling is the national lead for the post-COVID consortium PHOSP-COVID and local research lead for the COVID-19 pandemic. His main research focus is on improving the clinical management and understanding the immunopathogenesis of the airway diseases asthma, chronic cough and COPD.  He is a member of the American College of Chest Physicians’ Cough Guidelines, the British Thoracic Society, American Thoracic Society/European Respiratory Society Severe Asthma guidelines and is on the scientific committee for the Global INitiative for Asthma – GINA. Prof Brightling draws on his experience in research excellence and leadership to coordinate the research teams at the University of Leicester and three Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust sites in their COVID-19 response.


Professor Jacqui Shaw

Professor Shaw is Head of the Department of Genetics and Genome Biology, Co-Director of the Institute for Precision Health and Professor of Translational Cancer Genetics at the University of Leicester. Her extensive expertise in innovative blood-based tests for monitoring breast and lung cancers, known as liquid biopsies, is highly sought after through national and international collaborations in clinical studies and trials. Professor Shaw’s research has found that breast cancer recurrence can be detected by a blood test up to two years ahead of when traditional screening techniques would be able to detect it. This highly impactful work enabled US-based genetic testing company Natera achieve the prestigious ‘Breakthrough Device’ designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2019 for their Signatera™ test, which offers patients personalised cancer testing.

Professor Shaw’s research group’s expertise is in molecular diagnostics. This expertise was deployed during the coronavirus pandemic to establish and lead on asymptomatic screening for COVID-19 at the University of Leicester, using a quick antigen test known as LAMP – Loop-mediated isothermal amplification. This screening programme has supported the University in the early detection of COVID-19 outbreaks on campus by detecting staff and students with asymptomatic cases who may have unknowingly spread the virus.


Professor Pratik Choudhary.

Professor Choudhary is an honorary consultant in Diabetes with a special interest in type 1 diabetes and technology. He has active clinical and research programs around education psychology and technology in type 1 diabetes. In particular, using neuroimaging to explore mechanisms of hypoglycaemia unawareness and use of different strategies such as technology and behavioural interventions to restore awareness.

Professor Choudhary is currently chair of the Diabetes Technology Network-UK working to improve access to technology for diabetes through training education and advocacy. He has experience in academic and industry-funded early-phase studies evaluating novel glucose sensors and closed loop- artificial pancreas systems to help progress technologies, and multinational randomised clinical trials (RCTs) and Real-World Evidence studies to support implementation and policy decisions that have enabled equitable access to developed technologies across the NHS.

Dr James Hodgkinson

Research within the Hodgkinson Group is focused on the synthesis of novel chemical probes and compound libraries designed to study biological processes otherwise challenging by genetic approaches. He is specifically interested in developing chemical probes for Class I Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) enzymes and other protein partners that exist in Class I HDAC multiprotein complexes. Class I HDACs and their associated complexes have been implicated in diseases such as cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. Applications include using these chemical probes to investigate novel ligand-protein interactions and protein-protein interactions within HDAC complexes, and developing heterobifunctional molecules including proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTACs) for the targeted degradation of Class I HDACs and their associated complex partners in cancer cells. His overall goal and vision is that these validated chemical probes will have direct applications for use by the members of chemical biology and biology communities in revealing new biology, studying disease and ultimately aiding the discovery of new therapeutics.. 

Professor Don Jones

Professor Jones is co-director of the Leicester van Geest Multi-OMICs Facility, which is a world-leading centre for biomarker research. Professor Jones’ research involves discovering and implementing novel biomarkers of disease using mass spectrometry techniques, with particular interest in the discovery of biomarkers (proteins, metabolites and lipids) using state-of-the-art analytical techniques in combination with novel data interrogation techniques. From these projects the group are establishing targeted assays for biomarkers and working with pathology colleagues to validate and achieve clinical accreditation for assays.

As Co-director of Institute for Precision Health which helps coalesce precision medicine activity across the University and NHS. All this work helps to underpin the implementation of precision medicine by finding novel tools to personalise diagnosis and treatment in modern medicine. Professor Jones plays an active role in the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre which allows this research to be translated into clinical use.

Stephen Tindal – Director, Science and Technology, Catalent

Stephen Tindal is the Director of Science and Technology at Catalent. His work is largely focused on preclinical to phase 1 development and is based on assessing preclinical data to help define any challenges to dosage form development. Stephen has more than 36 years’ experience at Catalent, where he has held roles of increasing responsibility and has demonstrated expertise in root cause investigation, technology innovation and supporting business development. He holds a bachelor’s in Chemistry and Analytical Science from Loughborough University, Loughborough, U.K.   To be successful in accelerating proof of concept for small molecule drugs, small companies must navigate a path through a bewildering process of data collection, being smart about which studies are performed and which ones are not, in order to collect a minimal, yet most impactful data set that enables the molecule to progress before running out of funding. In this presentation, we will show how flexible solutions using elements of quality by design, API sparring techniques, phase-appropriate CMC activities, and PBPK modeling can be applied to formulation development and manufacturing in early drug development.

Professor Andre Ng

Professor Ng is an expert in the management of cardiac arrhythmias especially in catheter ablation and the use of mapping systems in such procedures. He has played a key role in the establishment of an active ablation programme for Atrial Fibrillation since 2002 at Glenfield Hospital and has pioneered the use of a novel robotic system in AF ablation. He has provided proctorship for new ablation technologies at many centres worldwide. He also specialises in advance device implantation including pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators and cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) devices.

He has translated important preclinical findings into investigations in cardiac patients with the successful development of a novel technology for sudden death risk stratification, LifeMap, which won numerous prizes including Medical Futures Award 2011 – Best Innovation in Diagnostics and European Heart Rhythm Association Inventors Award 2016, resulting in several internationally granted patents.

Dr Lucy Alexander

Head of Business Development and Senior Business Development Manager of Innovation Centre, Charnwood at Charnwood Campus. I am passionate about research translation to real world product and have been delivering research commercialisation for over 25 years. Before joining the Campus, I led the Leicester Life Sciences Accelerator, focused on developing commercialisation of novel medicines and technologies with start-ups and SMEs.

Dr Tim Hammonds

Tim has recently joined the Department of Genetics and Genome Biology at the University as a Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence and comes with over 25 years’ experience in collaborative translational research. This experience has been almost wholly gained in what is traditionally known as the ‘valley of death’, the translational space directly between academia and industry where the analysis, choice, funding and prosecution of ideas is seen as both difficult and high risk.

Poster Titles
Accelerating drug discovery and therapeutic research through structural biology: Small molecules and antibodies
PRE-ACT: Prediction of radiotherapy side effects using explainable AI for patient communication and treatment modification
Circadian rhythm affects in radiotherapy
Does air pollution negate effects of exercise in those with long term health conditions?
 Personalised Space Technology Exercise Platform (P-STEP)
Leicester Institute for Structural and Chemical Biology – Biological NMR Facility
Bioinformatics Analysis Support Hub (BASH)
 Commercialisation and IP at UoL
Metabolomic Profiling and investigation of Biomarkers for Sudden Cardiac Death
 Mechanisms of acquired resistance to venetoclax in diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) cell lines
Inhibition of MCL1 induces cell death in BCL2 low/negative diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and synergises with glycolytic inhibitor 2-Deoxyglucose (2DG)
Core Biotechnology Services Electron Microscopy Facility
Advanced Imaging Facility
Division of Biomedical Research – Pre-clinical Research facility
Core Biotechnology Services Electron Microscopy Facility
Division of Biomedical Research – Pre-clinical Research facility
Institute for Precision Health
A rapid, cost effective shallow WGS workflow applicable to limiting amounts of cell-free DNA.
An ex vivo platform of tumour explants to predict clinical response to novel anti cancer drugs.
The use of pre-clinical breast cancer patient-derived explant model to investigate the response to novel anticancer therapies to reduce animal use in research
Reliability of 3D foot scanner for use in diabetes fit evaluation and footwear
Evaluation of footwear fit guidelines: under pressure in at-risk feet


Delegate List

First name Surname Organisation
Aarti Parmar University of Leicester
Adam Wright University of Leicester
Adam Peall Charnwood Molecular
Adam Townsend VUIT
Adlina Zahra
Ahmed Aburima
Ahtesham Mahmood University of Leicester
Al Mills Imed Consultancy
Alexander Senf
Ana Jawaid
Andre Ng University of Leicester
Andrea Koekemoer University of Leicester
Andreea Iftimia-Mander Biomatics
Andrew Leishman Immuno Consulting
Anna Ellis
Arnaud Drapier University of Leicester
Atanu Bhattacharjee University of Leicester
Barzin Gavtash Kindeva Drug Delivery
Becky Allsopp University of Leicester
Carl Edwards University of Leicester
Caroline Cowley University of Leicester
Carolyn Jones University of Leicester
Carolyn Rebello
Catherine Louch Loughborough University
chitra seewooruthun University of Leicester
Chris Brightling University of Leicester
Christopher Talbot University of Leicester
Claire Upton Copper Tax
Clare Higgins VUIT
Colin Veal
Colleen Maxwell University of Leicester
Dan Lane University of Leicester
Daniel Lozano-Rojas University of Leicester
David Clayton University of Leicester
Dennis Bernieh University of Leicester
Don Jones University of Leicester
Eda Tonga University of Leicester
Ejaz Qureshi NTU
Elliot John Gyedu
Esther Moss University of Leicester
Farah Salim University of Leicester
Fred Muskett University of Leicester
Gareth Hall University of Leicester
Gareth Miles University of Leicester
Gary Allenby Charnwood Molecular
George Barrs University of Leicester
Geraldine Williams University of Leicester
Glen Martyn Savantium
Harriet Pearsey Merck
Harry Khuman Dynamis Tech
Hassan Hussain
Helen Derbyshire Kindeva Drug Delivery
Jacky Yu Solis Biodyne
Jacque Landry University of Leicester
Jacqui Shaw University of Leicester
James Cooper University of Leicester
James Hodgkinson University of Leicester
James Finney University of Leicester
James Langridge Waters
Jas Shanker DASA
Jennifer Cosentino University of Leicester
Jernej Medved Charnwood Molecular
Jim Lister Kindeva Drug Delivery
Jinli Luo University of Leicester
Jo Derbyshire Inventya
Joanna Fox University of Leicester
Josef Walker University of Leicester
Karen Page University of Leicester
Karen Bowman University of Leicester
Kasandra Malasi
Kate Clift University of Leicester
Katie Percival NIHR
Kees Straatman University of Leicester
Lisa Thomas Pioneer Group
Lorna Waters University of Leicester
Louise fairgrieve University of Leicester
Lucy Onions University of Leicester
Lynne Howells University of Leicester
Manish Asiani University of Leicester
Manjiri Khare
Marialuisa Crosatti University of Leicester
Mark Nevinson
Mark Platt Nuom
Martin Dyer University of Leicester
Max Bardwell HealthTech Enterprise
Mazher Mohammed Loughborough University
Melanie Davidson Medilink
Michael Phillips Renfrew
Michael Ward NTU
Natalie Allcock University of Leicester
Neha Patel Kindeva Drug Delivery
Neil Greening University of Leicester
Neil Stentiford SoeMac
Nicolas Sylvius University of Leicester
Nidhi Joshi Eastleigh Health Ltd
Parvez Haris De Montford University
Paul Thompson Matoke Holdings
Peter Mumford Potterclarkson
Petra Jones University of Leicester
Phil Cocks Kindeva Drug Delivery
Pratik Choudhary University of Leicester
Priti Joshi University of Leicester
Rachel Hobson University of Leicester
Richard Weaver Drug Discovery Solutions
Robert Britton University of Leicester
Roberto Feuda University of Leicester
Sam Habaj ALMAC Group
Sarah Diver University of Leicester
Sarah Glenn University of Leicester
Saran Muthiah Enrich My Care
Sian Evans University of Leicester
Simon Cawthorne lonza
Stephen Tindal Catalent
Stephen MacDonald-Brown Charnwood Molecular
Steve May-Russell Small Fry
Steven Bull University of Leicester
Susann Lehmann University of Leicester
Taryn Hobson 3M
Tennie Videler University of Leicester
Tim Henstock WBS
Tim Hammonds University of Leicester
Tope Omokanj
Victoria Patel Medilink Midlands
Vikram A. Vikram A. University of Leicester
Yusuf Bilesanmi Shifa Tech


April 25, 2023
10:00 am - 5:00 pm