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LED Lighting

At Charnwood Campus, we work with the best in the industry to ensure the safety of our staff, our tenants and our visitors. We are also committed to creating healthy eco-system and providing innovative solutions to lower environmental impact, pollution, minimalize and recycle waste generated on the site and reduce carbon footprint. Charnwood Campus is aiming for environmental best practice in line with applicable regulations. We take it a step further by:

  • Rating energy efficiency of each building
  • Undergoing site-wide removal of generators and replacing them with energy efficient boilers systems
  • Upgrading BMS in every building in line with new regulations
  • Upgrading site wide lighting to energy efficient LED
  • Landscaping green areas

Following strict contractor approval procedure we shortlisted a range of companies that provide a wide range of services including ICT system, gas, water, electricity infrastructure, BMS, waste management, security system, H&S and fire safety systems, site maintenance and landscaping.

We also work with renowned equipment manufacturers on maintenance of the specialised equipment.

We take our promise further and project plan creating low carbon economy by considering:

  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Air-source, ground-source heating systems
  • Solar panels